Spadix Software

Spadix Software is a developer of system tools and internet tools. The current developer portfolio contains 16 programs. The most popular software is BackStreet Browser with 11 installations on Windows PC.

23/A Horishdatta Lane, Chittagong, 4000, Bangladesh
General phone:
Jack Kalis
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Best software by Spadix Software

BackStreet Browser
It can quickly download entire website or part including HTML.
Extract Link
With this tool you can extract links or text from any type of file.
Universal Explorer
Universal Explorer (UE) is powerful Windows Explorer replacement software.

Popular programs by Spadix Software

Disk Size Manager
Disk Size Manager will help you to monitor the use of your resources.
Extract URL
This program can extract URL with title, description, keywords meta data, etc.
A powerful file viewer with explorer style interface.
It can download 1-1000 websites for browsing them offline.
JR Directory Printer
Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory.

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